Friday, 14 January 2011

Trish Keenan...Winter Now

...I never write anything on this blog, but this morning I heard that Trish from Broadcast has passed away. I was very lucky to have gone on tour with Broadcast twice, & at every show I was blown away by her voice- so much so, that I would even watch their sound checks so I could hear more. At one particular sound check at the Bowery Ballroom in New York, she did an unaccompanied few verses of 'Winter Now' & by the end, I had tears rolling down my face. Her voice was/is unsurpassable in its beauty, power, honesty.
I ran into her last summer & she said some really kind things to me, which meant a lot at the time & even more now. I see her big smile & wave as we walked away. I will miss her voice, her music, her being in the world.

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cheers emma, thanks for your good words to trish keenan.
i can remember that i met her here in italy in 2003 after a BROADCAST show, while they were going to eat; given the colour of her hair, she might look a "darker nico", but i think she was well brighter.
that show took place just few days before the release of Ha Ha Sound, and we celebrated that album with a flash-clip based upon the pretty nice 'colour me in' lyrics printed on the sleeve...
...and at last i've recovered and put online again the .swf file of that clip: www[dot]

regards and all the best!